Coverstone Heirloom

Stargate Coverstone Heirloom Edition
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    The 'Stargate Coverstone Legacy Heirloom' is a stunning creation that pays tribute to the Stargate series. This limited collectible has been engineered in the finest detail to illustrate the many facets behind the ancient Egyptian theme.

    The main component of this collectible is a wooden heirloom case which has been laser-engraved in remarkable detail on the top, inside and base. The removable lid consists of numerous symbols and hieroglyphics and is a representation of the original Stargate 'coverstone'.

    The inside of the case houses a Stargate that lies in a channel that has a laser-engraved impression of the Stargate in its base. The Stargate is 7 (180mm)" in diameter and has been engineered in solid pewter that has been finished in 18ct gold plating, with an antique patina finish. 

    The inside of the heirloom case is also very highly detailed and a slot acts as the base for the Stargate which turns it into an impressive display piece. A gold plated, antique patina 'Eye of Ra' symbol has been inset into the base. The underneath of the case contains engraved images of system Lord characters.

    This spectacular collectible has several hundred hours of machining and laser engraving behind its creation and we encourage visitors to view the enlarged images of each of these components to fully appreciate the fine details of the designs.

    The wood used in the creation of this superb collectible is made with wood from the sustainable forests of the Appalachian and Cascade mountains in the USA. Each component of the box is assembled with interlocking joints and there is no glue used in this process.

    The Stargate Coverstone Legacy Heirloom is a numbered Limited Edition of 100 units and is supplied with a Certifcate of Authenticity.