Jack & Sam Engraved LP

Jack & Sam Engraved LP

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Laser engraved 'Jack & Sam Love Song' silver LP
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    This unique item is a great collectible for 'Jack O'Neill' and 'Samantha Carter' fans! This presentation contains a laser-engraved 12" silver LP disc featuring a detailed image of the Stargate around the edge of the disc and the music notes from the 'Jack & Sam Love Song' in the main body. The centre of the disc features an image of 'Jack and Sam' from the wedding scene from the Season 10 episode '200'. This spectacular disc is mounted in a 16"x20" presentation with an engraved storyplate and is ready for framing in a standard sized frame.

    Note: There are only 10 of these displays left and when they are sold, this item will be withdrawn as the silver discs for engraving are no longer available.