SG-1 Heirloom

SG-1 Heirloom

Stargate SG-1 Hierloom Edition
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    The 'Stargate SG1 Legacy Heirloom' is a remarkable creation that pays tribute to Stargate SG1. This very limited collectible has been engineered in the finest detail to illustrate the many facets behind the ancient Egyptian theme.

    Initially, just four of these heirlooms were made for presentation to the principal actors of the SG1 team; Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge. Based upon the overwhelming reaction from the actors, it was later decided to make a short number of these available to the fans.

    The main component of this collectible is a box which has been laser-engraved with symbols and hieroglyphics on each side, top, bottom and the inside. The front of the box contains a finely machined antique brass plaque of the Stargate SG1 symbol. On the rear of the box, there is an antique brass plaque that features the character names of the SG1 team (Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c) as well as the names of the actors that portrayed them.

    Each side of the box also features antique brass plaques containing iconic symbols from Stargate SG1. The lid is also laser-engraved and contains an inlaid antique brass 'Eye of Ra' symbol.  

    Inside the box there is a stunning brass plate featuring the Stargate with a gold 'kawoosh' centre-piece. The Stargate is surrounded by multiple etchings of hieroglyphs and the Stargate SG1 logo. This plate measures 135mm x 162mm and weighs an impressive 750g. 

    We encourage viewers to view the enlarged images of each of these components to fully appreciate the fine details of the designs.

    The wood used in the creation of this superb collectible is made with wood from the sustainable forests of the Appalachian and Cascade mountains in the USA. Each component of the box is assembled with interlocking joints and there is no glue used in this process.

    The Stargate SG1 Legacy Heirloom is a numbered Limited Edition of 100 units and is supplied with a Certifcate of Authenticity.