Legends Canada is Richard's exclusive convention appearance manager, and also the supplier of his signed photographs in support of his charities. We have an outstanding selection of Richard's autographs available and we invite you to browse through our catalogue below. 

"Paul Brown's explanation of why I have chosen to throw in with his company is accurate. Allow me to reiterate:

It was brought to my attention that fans of Stargate were shelling out good money for bad forgeries. The fact that fans were being duped pi**ed me off to no end! Paul's company, Legends Memorabilia, solves the problem for me completely. What you receive from Paul will have been signed by ME (my name is Richard Dean Anderson!) My arrangement with Legends is a clean, straight-forward proposition that deposits ALL monies collected into the hands of several charitable organizations I have supported over the decades.


Those of you who know me, will know my intentions and most likely, for those who have followed closely, my motivation. In anticipation of your involvement with Legends, please accept  my heart-felt thanks. Also, I can only promise to try and improve my handwriting. Currently, it sucks!  I will work on the legibility first, then content.  More life to you all!"


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